Software Engineering @ Siena College

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Course Descriptions

CSIS410. Software Engineering I

  • Introduces the concepts of structured system analysis.
  • Presents principles of software engineering including techniques for planning, specification, and system design.
  • Specifications for an actual system will be developed.
  • Prerequisite: CSIS—225 (Object-Oriented Programming). Requires senior class standing or permission of instructor.

CSIS415. Software Engineering II

  • Implementation of a software engineering methodology.
  • Complete design, testing, and verification of a system developed using a programming-team concept.
  • Structured design and documentation.
  • Prerequisite: CSIS—410 (Software Engineering I).


 Dr. Meg Fryling

Office: Roger Bacon 317
Email:  mfryling at
Phone: (518) 782.6798
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 Dr. Jami Cotler

Office: Roger Bacon 318
Email:  jcotler at
Phone: (518) 786.5088